Established in 1985, the North West Shelf Shipping Services Company (NWSSSC) is the shipping adviser to International Gas Transportation Company Limited (IGTC), the Bermuda registered parent shipping company of the North West Shelf Project participants. Both IGTC and NWSSSC are owned by the North West Shelf Project participants.

An incorporated entity, IGTC is responsible for making key commercial decisions and establishing operating standards on behalf of the Project Participants. NWSSSC provides advise and expertise to assist IGTC in managing the North West Shelf Project’s fleet of four owned LNG carriers and additional time chartered vessels.

In this capacity NWSSSC is responsible for providing operational, commercial, marine assurance and technical expertise to support the safe, efficient and reliable transportation of LNG from Australia's North West Shelf to the Project's long term customers in Japan and China, and occasionally other destinations.

The North West Shelf Project has safely and reliably delivered in excess of 4,000 LNG cargoes to the North West Shelf Projects' Asian customers since 1989, when the Project began producing LNG for export.

The North West Shelf Project owns four LNG vessels, whilst others are time chartered.

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